Snehasparsham- Kidney Patients Welfare Society

Snehasparsham a prestigious an unique project started by the district Panchayath in 2012 for supporting the Kidney patients in the district is now rendering help for more than 1500 helpless patients in our districts. The help is in the form financial aid for dialysis and medicines are also being supplied to the patients those who are victims of Kidney transplantation. Early stage diagnosis renal malfunctions and life style disease are also carried down as a part of programme .Mental health care centre are started across our district and awareness towards the importance of organ donation is also given. The beneficiaries of these projects includes those who have undergone hem peritoneal dialisis is and patients undergone kidney transplantation.2412patients have already been registered for support out of this, ignoring the diseased patients and getting various type of financial help from other sources like ”Karunya” and health insurance more than 1500 patients are alive beneficiaries of this program me .About 300 mental patients and more than a dozen of AIDS patients are getting service from Snehasparsham Accumulation of resource is a vital issue for the better functioning of the program me. Two major fund mobilization combines were conducted during 2014-16. The rend less help and support extended by various organs like educational institutions , religious institutions, local self bodies, kudumbasree Mission, Business organization and well wishers helped the welfare society to mobilize a fund of 12.84croresof rupees .Financial aids already through Snehasparsham to the suffering families of our district

Major Program me carried out so far/Land mark of the programme
A care Centre for AIDS Patients was started in 2015 providing food and shelter and other necessary infrastructure. caretakers were also appointed
A new dialysis machine is supplied through sponsorship to “Snehasparsham Dialysis Unit ”functioning in medical college hospital, Kozhikode in January 2016
The Governing body of the District Panchayath decides to mobilize a fund from all the local bodies of the district/state during the month of November 2016. The project was able to collect an amount of 6.64 Cores of rupees to manage the fiscal deficit
One “Navajeevana Clinic” in Kottur Panchayath were started as a part of mental health care. After consulting medicines are also being made available at this centre free of list
The maximum amount allowed for dialysis for a period of one month was Rs2500/-This was for 10 dialysis . Now the amount has been raised to Rs 3000/- for 12 dialysis per month
The amount allotted for medicine for patients undergone kidney transplantation was 2000 rupees from September 2017 onwards the amount has been raised to Rs 2500/-

It is a matter of great concern that the number of kidney patients are increasing day by day. more than 25lakhs rupees is necessary for the smooth functioning of this project .A better planning and management is necessary for this. Keeping this in mind the governing body of the district Panchayath is now planning to make this program me of the three tier local bodies. attempts are being made to get the concurrence of the state co-ordination committee to mobilize resource from the “own fund” of all the local self government of the district and also to make “Snehasparsham” a great and sustainable venture