Presidents Page

26-06-2018 Tuesday:
Distribution of Arabic language books in Brailli for students
19-06-2018 Tuesday:
Inauguration of Kunnummakkattil Drinking Water Project- Thiruvallur Grama Panchayath
18-05-2018 Friday:
Distribution of Three Wheeler to disabled persons (30 Lakh Project)
08-05-2018 Tuesday:
Inauguration of Veeriambram Kundai Madathil Peedika Road
14-05-2018 Monday:
Inauguration of Chalilimuk Road work utilising Rs.40 lakh from District Panchayath
05-05-2018 Saturday:
Animal Husbandry Department, Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Pookkodu Multi Speciality Camp Inauguration
05-05-2018 Saturday:
From the civil service orientation class organized by Kozhikode District Panchayat
04-05-2018 Friday:
Free school uniforms were distributed to children on the same day of results.
07-04-2018 Saturday:
Inauguration of Thannipparambathu drinking water project at Balussery Grama Panchayat
06-04-2018 Friday:
Atholi fish farm harvest
30-04-2018 Monday:
Vevam Chalimadathil Road Inauguration
30-04-2018 Monday:
Jilla Panchayath ABC project Vattoli centre visit
21-03-2018 Wednesday:
Inauguration of various SC Projetcs
16-03-2018 Friday:
Inaugration of Karyattumukku Snehasangama Souhrida road work and Chekyad gramapanchayath Vevam Chalimadathil road
15-03-2018 Thursday:
Modakkallur Pulikkappara road Canal Bridge, Velavam Chalikkara road inauguration - utilising Rs.108 lakh from District Panchayath
15-03-2018 Thursday:
Inaugration of Southern Chombal drinking water project utilising Rs.108 lakh from District Panchayath
08-03-2018 Thursday:
Inauguration of Panamparambu drinking water project at Arikkulam Village Panchayat utilising Rs.108 lakh from District Panchayath
28-02-2018 Wednesday:
Mampuzha renovation work inaugurated by District Panchayat President
23-02-2018 Friday:
Inauguration of School Building, Main Gate, Classroom, Solar Power Project and Resource Center by utilising Rs.108 lakh from District Panchayath
16-02-2018 Friday:
Inauguration of building complex for Perambra Plantation Higher Secondary School by utilising Rs.108 lakh from District Panchayath
12-02-2018 Monday:
Inauguration of Valayam Higher Secondary School building block by using Rs.1 Crore of District Panchayath fund
16-02-2018 Friday:
Inauguration of Science Lab at Parambil Government Higher Secondary School