Regional Poultry farmChathamangalam

It is a chicken farm in about 5.7 acres. The farm is started in 1962 as district fowl rearing center and later in 1982 elevated as Regional Poultry Farm. It supplies baby chicks to nearby districts wayanad, Malapuram, Kannur, etc.. Now it is a completely modernized and mechanized centre with units like Hatchery machines, modern Poultry sheds, automatic feeding and watering system, modern technology in rearing, training centre, sales points etc.. There is reading and breeding facilities for special varieties like Gramasree chiks, kataknath chicks etc.. Every week about 12000 such chicks are produced and marketed. During the year 2016-17, the farm was able to generate a sale output of about Rs. 72 lakhs. Information dissemination unit centre for dissipating guidelines for entrepreneurs, VHSE training unit, apprentice training unit live stock inspection training unit, BVSC internship training unit are other highlight of the farm