District Literacy Mission

In the history of literacy movement in Kerala, the Kozhikode district has a very unique and brilliant Place. It was in Kozhikode Manachira Maidanam that the neo-literate Chelambadan Ayisha, in the presence of Mulk Raj Anand, Chief Minister EK Nayanar, MT Vasudavan Nair and many other literacy figures declared to the world that Kerala is a fully literate state in the whole nation.

The district has been able to protect and preserve until today the flame of literacy ignited on that historic day. The literacy movement in Kerala started as a social resurgence has now grown in to a big societed education movement. Now we have literacy workers called preraks in all the villages to take up the ground level literacy activities, to coordinate the activities we have District Level Samithi under the chairmanship of president district panchayath and at the official level the district coordinators, assistant coordinators and the district level office setup. The basic literacy work has grown in to activities like equivalency programme for 4th,7th,10th and 12th standards, literacy programme for the migrant labourers from the other state called “Changathikootam”, literacy for transgenders called “Samanwaya”, literacy and equivalency for tribal people called “Samagra”, Literacy and equivalency for scheduled cast called “Navachethana”, Literacy programme for costal people called “Akshara Sagara”, Hindi learning programme called “Acha Hindi”, English Learning programme called “Good English” etc...

The literacy movement in Kozhikode has grown in to a large Banyan Tree with various branches encompassing the entire marginalised and downtrodden masses