District Agricultural farm, Koothali

District agricultural farm, Koothali has been started to functioning in chakkittapara panchayat from march1963 onwards. The farm situated in both sides of the Kadiyangad peruvannamuzhi roads prawling in 40 hectors of land consist of 22 fields from plot no1 to 22. One side of the boundary of the farms hares with valiyapuzha river on the outskirt of Peruvannamuzhi Reserve Forest of western Ghat. However the proximity of the Forest pause a threat to the fulfledged cultivation of the farm. The major crops raised in this farm are coconut, arecanut, cocoa and spices like pepper, ginger, nutmug and minor crops. The income derived from the above crops contributes the major share of income of the Farm. Besides this vegetable seed production, Grafts and Layers of fruit plants and ornamental plants are also raised in this farm.

Infrastructure Facilities
Poly House 5 Nos
MistChamber 4Nos
GraftingShed 1No
VermiCompostUnit 1No
TrainingCentre 1No
HardeningUnit 1No

Vermi compost unit was constructed by KAIKO and was handed over to the farm in 2017 Hi-Tech diary farm was started with 10 cows and now with the introduction of 10 new cows, the total strength including calfs accounts to 41