District Homeopathic Hospital, Kozhikode

The government district Homeo Hospital is situated 1 kilometre from Pavagad on the atholi Ulliyery road originating from National Highway. The new building envisaged in the People's planning programme was inaugurated on February 1, 2004 by the then Health Minister of Kerala. following facilities and services are provided by the hospital
Activities of Centre
1. Clinical Laboratory
2. Ultra Sound Scanning unit
3. Physiotherapy unit
4. Seethalayam the women palliative program of the homeopathic department
5. The Lifestyle Diseases clinic
6. Ayushman Bhava
7. Paediatric learning disability clinic- Sadgamaya
8. homeopathic fertility centre
9. homeopatic drugs addiction clinic
About 300 to 400 out patients and about 15 to 20 inpatients are daily treated by the hospital. So far 166 infertile couples are successfully treated and they are happily living with their own children.

The Seethalayam project aims at the overall development of women who are undergoing physical and mental torture in home and else were. We bring them back to main stream life by counselling conscientization proper guidance and also by inculcating the sense of belonging and self confidents in them. We also make use of the help of other departments with this.