District Ayurvedic Hospital, Kozhikode

The A.C .ShanmughaDas memorial Ayurveda child & adolescent care centre, Purakkattiri is the one and only health institution in India, which in association with the District Panchayath, Kozhikode and Indian health department is taking care of children up to the age of 20 years who are suffering both physical and mental health problems (are assisted with supplementary therapies such as psychology, special education clinical yoga, speech therapy, occupational therapy, Physio therapy etc A resolution has been passed by district Panchayath Kozhikode on 14-01-2016 Seeking Govt. of Kerala to convert the existing Ayurvedic Child& adolescent care centre to function directly under Indian health department within the norms of Ayush Department which is now working under District Ayurveda hospital Activities of Centre Outpatient, Inpatient section Autism, hyper activity, cerebral palsy fits, learning and behavioral issues etc. Ayurvedic child and adolescent care centre is the main centre which deals with the learning and behavioral problems of children in association with the special scheme “SPANDANAM” of District Panchayath Kozhikode Special Services Supplementary therapies, occupational therapy, speech therapy, learning assessment and remedial training, psychology clinical yoga Other Services Group therapy, Counseling, Training Programme for patients special training programme for employees and Awareness programme