Festival of Victory

An innovative programme in the field of Education.

The victory festival is a people oriented programme of District Panchayath to increase the pass percentage in the SSLC examination in addition to the regular class room teaching, additional coaching is arranged for the weak students. A special time table for extra coaching is prepared and followed in a systematic way. Classes were arranged for both parents and students regularly in the morning and evening. Because of this novel learning process we were able to increase the pass percentage to 94% during the year 2016-17. The number of A+ holders were also increased substantially.

The DIET and the socially committed teachers were the torch bearers of this programme. During the year 2017-18 we conducted the programme to LP, UP, Secondary levels. There are peoples committees in all the 27 divisions of the district panchayath to supervise and monitor the activities. There is a committee at the district level under the Chairmanship of the District Panchayath President to supervise and to plan the activities at the district level. The Deputy Director Education is the convenor of the Festival of Victory Committee.