Planning is a deliberate and conscious activity to achieve a pre-determined goal. As a local self government, planning is inevitable, especially in the wake of the decentralized planning process. Unlike the ‘planning from above’ as in the past, we now adopt ‘planning from below’ approach. In this course of action, Grama Sabha plays a prominent role. Our efforts in convening Grama Sabhas to discuss and resolve the local issues have found fruits. Every ward in the Panchayat arrange for the Grama Sabha meeting before the finalization of the Annual Plan. The proposals discussed there are placed before the concerned Working Groups and subsequently in the Development Seminars. Finally, the Board prepares the ultimate Plan proposals and submit for the approval of the higher authorities. The panchayat strictly follow this decentralized, people-centred plan effort in the last four years in its planning process, the result of which is exemplary.

During the year, a number of new initiatives have been experimented which has won commendable appreciation from the stakeholders. To mention a few; Solar Energy Scheme, Mobile App, Coaching Centre for Civil service Exams, Akash Ganga, Green and Clean Kozhikode, Production of Organic Fertilizer, Sewage Treatment Plant, Kayaking, Child Friendly District, Welfare of Senior Citizens , Safety and welfare of Transgender community, Jeeva Thalam, Modern retail outlets for marketing of chicken etc.